Plume Labs AQI

The Plume AQI gives you an immediate overview of pollution levels in your city, just as the temperature might give you a first indication of the weather outside.

What does the Plume AQI measure?

In order to easily communicate air pollution levels, governments and academics use an indicator referred to as an air quality index (AQI). The more polluted the air, the higher the number, the greater the share of the population that is likely to feel negative effects from pollution—be they short-term or long-term health impacts.

How is the Plume AQI calculated?

Plume uses WHO guidelines as well as international standards developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other scientific studies to define the Plume AQI and its seven associated categories.

The Plume AQI takes into account the concentrations of all different harmful pollutants your Flow is measuring and its overall value comes from the level of whichever pollutant is currently having the greatest impact on your health.