Critical Flow Issue

Dear Flow user,

We’ve discovered a critical issue with the sensor you just received.

The bad news: your Flow is not working properly. A missing factory setting in our latest 2000 units prevents the app from displaying any data collected by your Flow. It also makes the lights on your Flow display only a partial reading instead of the overall air quality index.

The good news: we can fix it remotely. We have just released an update in the Flow app which will solve the problem. Please make sure you update your Flow as soon as possible to get your data flowing.

How to update your Flow?

- Make sure your Flow is connected to your phone via BlueTooth

- Open the Settings menu (bottom right ⚙️ icon)

- In the ‘My Flow’ section, press on ‘Update Available’

Once the progression bar reaches 100% and the firmware update is completed, your Flow will start working again after a 15 minute warm-up period.

Please get in touch with if you need any help to get you up and running!

We know you were excited to receive your Flow and use it right away, and we are so sorry for letting you down. We’re working with our manufacturing partner to make sure our tests never miss such a problem again.

All our apologies again,

The Plume Team