How often should I synchronize my data?

How often should I synchronize my data?

Artificial Intelligence, just like humans, needs a bit of time to learn new tricks. Baby Einstein didn’t discover relativity, and a Baby Flow hasn’t yet reached it’s full potential either.

During the first week of use, it’s vital that you synchronize your Flow with your smartphone at least once a day. This is linked to what we call Flow’s ‘Burn-In Period’.

Over time, the NO2 measurements taken by the device are subject to a slow drift. This happens more during the first week of use when Flow’s AI is still learning how to adjust to new information.

To counteract this, we run a compensation algorithm. Think of it as a kind of Flow Bootcamp, teaching your new friend how to tackle its upcoming mission. In practice, it’s actually a bit of code that interprets your measurements and adjusts for potential drift.

However, in order for this calibration to take effect, you need to synchronize your data with our servers regularly. This is especially true during the Burn-In Period, where we recalibrate the zero point more often.

If you connect your Flow and then use it for a few days without opening your app, you are therefore likely to see some pretty serious drift in your NO2 readings.

If this is the case, don’t worry! The dynamic calibration will kick in as soon as your start synchronizing the device frequently again, though it may take 24 hours to take effect.

When it comes to Flow, we have a simple mantra. The more you use it, the better it gets.