Introducing Flow 2

Introducing Flow 2

Welcome to your new Flow 2!

We hope you enjoy the stunning new look and top-shelf tech.

Check out these three new features brought to you by our engineering teams:

1 - Enhanced accuracy/sensing capabilities: Adding a new category of pollutants at the cutting edge of research.

The pollutants list gets a major update with this release: PM1. Adding PM1 tracking represents a huge leap forward for users, thanks to Plume Labs’ in-house sensor R&D team.

Flow 2 can now track PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and VOCs.

2 - Custom battery management: Extending the time between charges from 24 hours to up to three days, with the new Idle my Flow feature built right into the app.

Not everyone needs 247 coverage (night-time at home, for example), you can now use your Flow 2’s in-app “idle” feature to save battery life for when you need it most.

3 - Exports bring data to life: Mixing data sets and building visualisations for personal and community action.

To support the community’s thirst for data, the Plume Labs team has built an export feature right into the app! You can now get your personal data history and app-generated maps securely delivered to your email inbox.