The warm-up period

Just like our developers before their morning coffee, Flow needs a little boost before it gets up and running.

Your Flow requires a warm-up period to ensure that the gas sensors inside the device work to maximum capacity.

This happens:

When your Flow is installed for the first time.

If your Flow runs out of battery and is recharged.

When your Flow has just performed a firmware update.


If the lights on the front of your Flow are scrolling yellow like the image above, just wait a little while for your Flow to wake up. The warm-up period lasts fifteen minutes.

The burn-in period

Flow’s artificial intelligence (AI) system that does all of the calculations and analysis of your data also needs a period of time to establish what your environment is like—particularly in relation to NO2 measurements. This is called Flow’s burn-in period. If you have ever set-up voice recognition like Siri or Alexa, you know that it takes a bit of training so the system can recognise your voice.

Short answer: The burn-in period is when your Flow’s AI system is learning about the general make-up of the air in your environment.

What can I expect during the burn-in period? During the burn-in period the chances of NO2 irregularities are increased.

How long does the burn-in period last? Flow’s burn-in period lasts for roughly the first 7 days of continuous use.

What should I do? The best thing you can do during the burn-in period is use your Flow as much as possible. Keep your Flow charged and sync with your Flow app as much as possible. This will give Flow’s AI lots of data to learn quickly and thoroughly.