Setting up your Flow

Before you install your Flow, there’s a few simple checks you can do to make sure everything works smoothly so you’re up and sensing asap.

*If you don’t have a Flow, personal air pollution sensor, you can learn more here.

1. Charge your Flow

Just like our developers’ morning coffee, Flow needs a little kickstart to get it going before work. Make sure you have charged your Flow for at least a few minutes (and ideally longer) before attempting to connect.

To charge your Flow, connect the USB-C cable provided to the port on the back of your charging dock. Then you can plug the other end into an available USB charger or USB port on your computer.

Next, place the Flow on its charging dock and press down on the touch button on the front of the device. You’ll see the circular LED display on the front of Flow light up blue, and the charging light on the base of the device will also be lit.

Note: You can also charge your Flow directly using the USB-C cable via the port underneath the device.

2. Activate Bluetooth

Communication is key! When you start the installation process, the app will ask you to activate Bluetooth on your phone, and grant Bluetooth permissions for the Flow app. Without activating these permissions, your Flow won’t be able to communicate with the app.

Please note that, for Android users, you will also need to activate GPS permissions in order to connect to the device.

3. Check your Device ID

Each Flow is assigned a unique 12-digit Device ID which will show when searching for available devices to connect to.

Normally, you won’t ever need to know your Device ID, but if there is more than one Flow in the immediate vicinity when you connect, you will need to know the right ID in order to chose the corresponding number from the list of available devices.

Your Device ID is printed on the sticker underneath your charging dock, as well as on the sticker underneath your Flow packaging.

4. Make sure the Flow is close to your phone

Last but not least, it may seem obvious but Bluetooth doesn’t have an infinite range. Make sure the device is no more than a foot away from your phone when you start the connection.

Having trouble connecting?

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